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01/12/18 University of South Florida 5
01/11/18 DePaul University 5 On 1/4 we tabled at our Winter Involvement Fair and had about 10 new sign ups!
01/10/18 Volcano Vista High School 5
01/06/18 Dublin City University 5 Just say Know campaign with our new material and testing kits.
01/05/18 Cork Institute of Technology 15 We have tabled on 3 times on campus past semester handing out harm reduction materials and signing up new members. Image icon 21886559_1556263864430255_1826780382_o.jpg
01/04/18 George Mason University 5
01/04/18 Reed College 10
01/03/18 Occidental College 5 Tabled and circulated a petition endorsing drug checking kits as part of our Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
12/23/17 Sarah Lawrence College 5
12/20/17 University of Colorado Boulder 40 SSDP at CU tabled on campus 8 times (Mondays and Wednesdays) from 11/6-11/29