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03/03/18 Dean College 10 Tabled twice for our two most recent events, as well as to stir up some more student awareness, support, and attendance.
02/26/18 University of Cincinnati 5 Tabled last friday
02/24/18 University of Colorado Boulder 5 Tabled at Student Involvement Fair on 1/24
02/21/18 University of Georgia 5 Tabled for bills on 2/14
02/21/18 University of Virginia 5
02/21/18 SSDP Nigeria 10 Tabled at Ibadan University and Lagos State
02/21/18 North Dakota State University 5
02/21/18 University of Connecticut 5 Tabled to collect CT legalization petition signatures
02/15/18 University of Rhode Island 5 tabled on 2/15
02/15/18 Rocky Mountain College 5 Points Flavya and Bella Tabled on Tuesday Feb. 13 and answered many drug and alcohol related questions, SSDP questions, and talking about SSDP 2017 and what SSDP 2018 will look like.