University of California Berkeley

Chapter Building

0 points

Policy Change

50 points

Training and Education

45 points

Points Earned This Year:95

Spent: 40

Rollover from last year: 45

Current balance: 100

Lifetime points: 340

Activity Feed

Action Points Note
Points Spent -40 One #Sensible2021 registration
Meet with decision makers (20 points) 20 We met with a school director who is responsible for substance related policy on campus, we discussed the berkeley good samaritan bill with her as well as potential changes and implementation of more harm reduction education on campus.
Recognized by school for the first time (15 points) 0
Respond to P2P Reflection Questions on a Training Curriculum module (15 points per lesson completed) 45
Research and submit one entry for the Campus Policy Gradebook or Country Policy Brief on a campus or country policy(30 points) 30
Rollover 45 Rollover from 2019 - 2020

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