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01/09/18 Host general event/forum/debate (20 points) 20 Training and Education Orsi presented her paper "Psychedelics and the Media in the Visegrád Countries" at the 'Közeliítések' Communication Science conference.
01/09/18 Meet with SSDPers in another chapter (20 points) 20 Chapter Building Orsi met Niki who is starting SSDP in Budapest Image icon 26540807_10215322085062957_162029232_o.jpg
01/04/18 Submit roster on time (10 points plus 1 point per five new, valid e-mails) 12 Chapter Building 13 new emails
12/08/17 Policy Change Volunteering (5 points per hour per person) 100 Policy Change Orsi represented SSDP at VNGOC meetings and, alongside Lili/Aria/Chris/Cornelia, attended the thematic UNGASS follow-up sessions this year.
12/08/17 Distribute educational materials in a non-tabling setting (5 points) 5 Policy Change Handed out some JSK substance cards at the afterparty of our movie screening (the DOx one was weirdly popular)
12/08/17 Positive quote/media hit (10 points) 10 Training and Education Ohschonhell featured our film screening event!!
12/08/17 Host general event/forum/debate (20 points) 20 Training and Education SSDP Österreich (in co-op with SFL) hosted a film screening event: Psychedelic Cinema presents Neurons to Nirvana (with over 50 attendees,.YAY)
12/04/17 Volunteer at SSDP or partner event (5 points per person per hour) 100 Chapter Building Lili, Chris and Orsi helped with the setup of all public Psychedelic Society meetups this year - including planning agenda, getting speakers, technical setup, social media promo, coordinating community events and moderating workshops.
12/04/17 Distribute educational materials in a non-tabling setting (5 points) 10 Policy Change We handed out JSK materials (in German!) at VPS meetings and in the common room at the New Intitute Building of the University.
12/04/17 Apply for school funding (1 point for every $10 raised) 24 Chapter Building University Student Union granted us 240 EUR to cover printing costs :)

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10/23/17 Care package 20

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