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Submitted Activity Points Category Notes
05/08/18 Do the SSDP DARE (10 points) 10 points Training and Education Email stated that each individual action was worth 10 points
05/08/18 Recruit and train next chapter President (30 points) 30 Chapter Building Bheema elected as new president
03/22/18 Policy changed or adopted (50 points) 50 Policy Change Improved school's harm reduction education, both in content and reach.
02/24/18 Register voters (1 point each voter registered) 3 Policy Change James Gould registered several people to vote at the Women's March on 1/20.
02/24/18 Positive quote/media hit (10 points) 30 Training and Education Chapter members accomplishments and chapter events were featured in This Week In Drugs, the Daily Camera, and the Rooster
02/24/18 Direct service volunteering (Assembling or distributing syringes or Naloxone kits. 5 points per person per hour) 15 Training and Education James Gould volunteered with HRAC on 1/18
02/24/18 Distribute harm reduction training/materials (1 point per person reached) 22 Training and Education SSDP at CU Hosted a talk on the opioid epidemic and Naloxone Training on 2/21
02/24/18 Policy Change Volunteering (5 points per hour per person) 5 Policy Change James Gould did one hour Juvenile Marijuana Arrests Research - touching up and sending CORA requests to state agencies
02/24/18 Volunteer at SSDP or partner event (5 points per person per hour) 25 Chapter Building James Gould volunteering with MAPS at Psychedelic Dinner
02/24/18 Meet with decision makers (20 points) 100 Policy Change Met with Opioid Advisory Group on 1/25 and 2/21, OAG Steering Group on 2/7, decision maker at local high school about carrying naloxone on campus on 2/23+2/25 (counted as 1), and Kim English, Research Director at the Office of Research and Statistics, about juvenile marijuana arrests data.

Spent points

Submitted Activity Points Notes
03/16/18 Care package 20

Conference store spending

03/16/18 Care package 390

Conference store spending

02/05/18 Conference registration 1125
02/02/18 Conference registration 160

Travel scholarship for James Gould

01/23/18 Care package 30

DanceSafe cards

11/21/17 Conference registration 275

3 nights and 1 registration for James Gould

09/28/17 Conference registration 760

2 Reform 2017 scholarships

09/28/17 Conference registration 350

Reform 2017 Scholarship

08/29/17 Care package 30
07/06/17 Rollover points -800