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02/27/18 Build/maintain relationships with other orgs on campus (10 points per org. per semester) 50 Chapter Building Ssdp Ghana is in good stand and or relationship with some campus groups and partners with them on some of their major campus activities
02/27/18 Chapter member elected to student government (25 points) 25 Chapter Building Ssdp regent member has been elected as a Clark for the student parliament in the 2018/2019 academic year
01/26/18 Positive quote/media hit (10 points) 100 Training and Education Ssdp Ghana former president has been on the top notch with her column for the past five months. Her column in the BFT is one of te best drug policy and education column. The project with miss United Nations for the disabled was also surprisingly featured in the Ghanaian Daily Graohic and on the television. Miss Boateng was also at the EIB network through the invitation of the CEO to talk about SSDp and got a pledge from him to support extensively with his media hub to push ssdp Agenda. She was with Miss UN who will be officially joining ssdp this year to champion the objectives of ssdp as a free SHS Ambassador in Ghana and a beauty queen. Image icon 48DD95C4-E8A0-4087-8657-CE55776057B9.jpeg
01/26/18 Host regular meetings, at least twice a month (15 points. per semester) 30 Chapter Building SSDP Ghana held a general Meeting twice One before vacation and early this year to talk about the way forward for the chapters in respect to the national board and student leaders
01/26/18 Host campaign-themed event/forum/debate (20 points) 20 Policy Change SSDP Ghana partnered with west Africa drug policy network for the youth forum held last year in November Image icon 85DEAECA-CD54-40B1-B992-FA3CD8E35B68.jpeg
01/26/18 Host general event/forum/debate (20 points) 40 Training and Education SSDP Ghana partnered with MiSs United Nations Rebecca Asamoah for her project in the northern region where we used the opportunity to talk about drugs and ssdp. We also joined in the same project in the central part of Ghana with her Image icon 6DF0433A-495C-465F-9BBC-9F1EE277DE2C.jpeg
01/26/18 Get politician on the record (15 points) 45 Policy Change SSDP Ghana have the former president JJ Rawlings on record as well as the MP for Ketu north and the minister for interior
01/26/18 Meet with decision makers (20 points) 100 Policy Change Ssdp Ghana met with some key members of parliament specifically Ketu North, The minister for communication for the new government, the former president JJ Rawlings, Deputy minister for tourism to talk about ssdp and the partnership project with the Miss United Nations 2017 and the Free SHS Ambassador
01/26/18 Meet with SSDPers in another chapter (20 points) 80 Chapter Building Ssdp UG met with SSDp Wisconsin and participated in their annual meetings. All the chapters as well convened in UPSA for a round table bag discussion on each chapter progress in their respective institutions
01/26/18 Attend leadership or skills-building training (5 points per person per training) 20 Chapter Building Juana, King George , Marvellous and Isaiah attended a leadership training which was hosted at the Methodist university in November 2017

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02/21/18 Conference registration 885

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