Name: Apply for school funding (1 point for every $10 raised)


The summer is a great time to think about plans to raise funds for your chapter, especially as we get closer to Fall Regional Conference season. Many universities open up funding opportunities for student groups and individuals, including money for traveling to conferences. Take advantage of your time off over the summer to look into what you need to do in order to secure a budget for the upcoming school year. If you’re unsure of where to start, reach out to your Global Program Manager or Movement Building Fellow, and they can help you out. 1 point for every $10 raised

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Default points: 1

Bucket: Chapter Building

Chapter Date
University of Michigan 2021-11-21 16:08:04 UTC
University of California Berkeley 2021-09-24 04:31:14 UTC
Willamette University College of Law 2021-10-19 23:15:31 UTC
Santa Clara University 2021-11-15 17:51:19 UTC
Harvard University 2021-11-19 01:32:42 UTC
Wake Forest School of Medicine 2021-12-20 21:28:11 UTC
Western Washington University 2022-04-18 22:09:23 UTC
DePaul University 2022-05-19 19:16:52 UTC

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