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01/29/18 College of Charleston 10 Wrote and submit "Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol" op-ed for student newspaper
01/19/18 Ohio State University 10 Wrote and submitted op-ed on Raymond Tibbetts to Ohioans to Stop Executions for publishing
01/05/18 Ohio State University 10 Ray Tibbetts op-ed
11/29/17 University of Michigan 10 Wrote op-ed for MCLS event
11/28/17 University of Rhode Island 10 Kira Bergman wrote an article for the URI student newspaper
11/13/17 Yale University 10 SSDP member Aidan Pillard wrote and submitted a LTE for the Yale Daily News about the importance of a drug amnesty policy.
11/01/17 Chapman University 10
10/03/17 University of Michigan 10 PDF icon September Op-Ed.pdf
08/01/17 University of Colorado Boulder 10 James Gould submitted LTE on sensible drug policy to Denver Post
07/24/17 University of Colorado Boulder 10 James Gould Submitted LTE: Calling for Help Shouldn’t Be a Crime (And It Isn’t)