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12/06/17 University of Oregon 40 Volunteered at MAPS table at Reform 17
12/06/17 University at Albany 50 Undergrad Treasurer Dane completed 10 hours of community service over the semester for charities and the local orphanage
12/04/17 University of Vienna 100 Lili, Chris and Orsi helped with the setup of all public Psychedelic Society meetups this year - including planning agenda, getting speakers, technical setup, social media promo, coordinating community events and moderating workshops.
12/04/17 University of California Berkeley 450 10 volunteers worked the pacific mini conference for 9 hours
11/28/17 University of Vienna 60 Lili, Orsi (and Chris) were group moderators at the Coming out of the Psychedelic Closet workshops in December.
11/23/17 University of North Georgia Gainesville 180 Erica and Erin at Zen Awakening with Dancesafe
11/22/17 Dublin City University 60 At the Psychedelic Society of Ireland's 9/20 Mushroom appreciation night, we volunteered for 6 hours for setup, the event itself, after event, and clean up.
11/17/17 University at Albany 175 Vice President Guadalupe completed 35 hours of community service with NAMI state office
11/15/17 University of North Georgia Gainesville 40 Erica at Catharsis with Zendo
11/14/17 University of Nevada Las Vegas 15 3 hours at MJ BizCon