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06/19/18 Occidental College 75 Three founding members from Oxy's chapter, Charlie Witwer, Kat Fedorchak & Ty Hrnac, joined SSDP's alumni association after graduating this May!
06/12/18 University of Rhode Island 75 3 new alumni assoc. members
05/24/18 University of Texas Austin 30 Allyson Todd volunteered for 6 hours in February at a cannabis industry event (Arcview Shareholder meeting)
05/15/18 College of Charleston 10 Chapter leader was speaker at 4/20 rally hosted by local NORML chapter
05/11/18 University of North Georgia Gainesville 50 Erica and Erin at Space Bass with DanceSafe
05/10/18 SSDP Nigeria 100 4 members volunteered 3 hours each at the SFL Leadership conference in Ogun State (60 points) 4 members volunteered 2 hours each at a lecture organized by the Global Commission on Drugs in Abuja (40 points)
05/04/18 Cork Institute of Technology 425 We held our first national SSDP conference in our college. Along with setting up posters, handing out leaflets about the event, organising speakers 5 main people(Michael, Eleanor, Rachel, Oisin and Evan) for 8 hours= 200 points We arrived at 8 am the morning of the conference to get the room ready and started the event at 10 until 5 with Michael, Eleanor, Rachel, Oisin, Evan and Aidan (from our chapter) =225
05/02/18 University at Albany 45 Vice Pres. Guadalupe completed 9 hours of community service with the university's Career and Development office
05/01/18 University of North Georgia Gainesville 40 Erica and Erin at Sets at Sunset with DanceSafe
04/24/18 University of North Georgia Gainesville 100 Erica and Erin at Friday the 13th Rave with DanceSafe