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Secure/maintain faculty adviser (10 points. per semester)

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Submitted Chapter Points Notes
10/13/17 University at Albany 10 Graduate chapter advisor- Emily Pain fall '17
10/12/17 Columbia University 10 Carl Hart will continue to be our faculty advisor throughout Fall 2017.
10/10/17 Saint Mary's College of Maryland 10
10/06/17 Dean College 10 points Secured new advisor and also a new co-advisor. Dr. David Dennis - and Dr. Jessica Pisano - .
10/06/17 University of Missouri 10
10/02/17 Occidental College 10 Maintained Anthony Chase, Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs, as our chapter adviser.
10/01/17 Ferris State University 20 2 faculty advisors this semester: Barry Mehler Dr John Scott Gray Both would prefer not be added to email list, but have been integral to our work on campus
09/30/17 University of Central Florida 10 Maintained Shana Harris PhD as our faculty advisor for another semester.
09/28/17 Colorado State University 10 Jo Ann Hedleston
09/21/17 University of Cincinnati 10