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Respond to P2P Reflection Questions on a Training Curriculum module (15 points per module completed)

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Submitted Chapter Points Notes
12/01/17 University at Albany 30 Guadalupe completed 2 Just Say Know Modules and responded to the reflection questions
11/29/17 University at Albany 15 Hannah completed Just Say Know Module 1 and submitted the reflection questions
11/15/17 University of Pittsburgh 15
11/14/17 Dublin City University 15 Addiction and Problematic Drug Use module completed by DCU SSDP Treasurer Ruby Muller
11/12/17 Kent State University 45 Randy Davis submitted "Stigma" & Harm Reduction", Matt Garuccio submitted "An Introduction to Peer Education", Peer Education Modules. (Sam submitted "Self-Disclosure" and "Listening, Responding and Referral skills" but points don't count--only noting for reference).
11/10/17 SUNY Binghamton 15 Madeleine Metcalf completed Module 2
11/09/17 SUNY Binghamton 15 Madeleine Metcalf completed Module 1
11/02/17 University of Connecticut 15
10/25/17 University of Connecticut 15
10/13/17 University at Albany 15 Karissa Completed Lesson 2 of JSK