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05/29/18 University of Michigan 40 Voter registration drive at Hash bash
05/10/18 SSDP Nigeria 1200 In collaboration with Ogun State Youth Coalition, have registered 1200 more voters since February.
04/18/18 College of Southern Idaho 7 Registering people to vote at Boise Hempfest
04/03/18 Sierra Leone SSDP 127 SSDP Sierra Leone registered 127 people to vote leading up to the general election
03/18/18 University of Cincinnati 2 Registered two voters while canvassing for ballot initiative
02/26/18 University of Cincinnati 5 Registered five voters while tabling/collecting signatures
02/26/18 Ohio State University 10 Nic registered 10 people to vote between 1/26/18 and 2/26/18
02/24/18 University of Colorado Boulder 3 James Gould registered several people to vote at the Women's March on 1/20.
02/21/18 SSDP Nigeria 200 Worked with Ogun State Youth Coalition on registering voters, 200 registered so far this year
02/06/18 University of Georgia 1 Registered 1 person to vote on Jan 31st