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04/03/18 Sierra Leone SSDP 10
01/30/18 University of Pittsburgh 10
01/23/18 DePaul University 10 We helped encourage Adrian to begin a chapter at the National University of Health Sciences.
01/23/18 Boston College 30 Referred two friends to the University of Southern New Mexico chapter, one to UCLA
12/17/17 Cork Institute of Technology 30 when i moved into my college house in september i encouraged my roommates to sign up to ssdp, telling them about all the awesome things SSDP does and what we could do on campus like informing people how to use drugs safer and learning more about drugs at the same time
12/13/17 University of California Santa Barbara 10 Thomas referred 3 friends to take over SRJC, where we previously only had an ambassador present
12/13/17 DePaul University 10 Latin our former chapter member has started a new chapter in Deli, India! We LOVE Jay!!!!! Image icon Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 10.52.05 AM.png
12/04/17 Pomona College 10 University of Denver
11/24/17 Dublin City University 10 Eimear Darcy of Institute of Technology Blanchardstown in Dublin has been in contact with Oonagh O'Sullivan & Jake Agliata and is working to establish a new chapter.
11/22/17 Dublin City University 10 Ray Sherlock of DIT,BIMM college in Dublin has been in contact with Eleanor Hulm & Jake Agliata and is working to establish a new chapter.