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Recruit and train next chapter President (30 points)

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10/12/17 Dublin City University 30 Over the past 4 weeks our former Chapter President Eleanor Hulm has diligently trained in our new Chapter President Declan Moore.
10/05/17 College of Charleston 30 Transitioned leadership to new chapter president in Fall 2017
09/29/17 Arizona State University 30 In April of 2017, Maya helped to transition Cody into the President (chapter leader) role. We failed to record this last semester before the CAT refreshed, so we are logging them now. Please let us know if there is an issue with this.
09/25/17 University of Rhode Island 30 Haley Cedarholm is our new president for the 2-17-2018 year.
07/24/17 Kent State University 30 The wonderful Randon Davis has been officially recruited and trained to be the chapter's new president! He is already doing such a fantastic job!