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05/10/18 SSDP Nigeria 20 Moro and Odunola were both quoted in newspaper articles regarding the banning of codeine in Nigeria
05/10/18 University of Texas Austin 40 UT Austin SSDP members were quoted in 4 articles by The Daily Texan throughout this school year. File attached. PDF icon Quotes.pdf
05/08/18 University of Georgia 10
04/20/18 Arizona State University 10 Cody Holt was quoted in article by the ASU State Press talking about 4/20 and noted how SSDP is attempting to promote a shift in how we approach drug policy and related language (
04/19/18 North Dakota State University 30 On one day (Tuesday the 17th) we had: a 15 minute spot on a local radio show (the Rob Report, about 40 minutes in: A 15 minute (with edits) spot on POV now with Chris Berg (not yet up) And we got a news release (plus a later interview) in the Inforum:
04/08/18 Arizona State University 100 Cody and other chapter members were interviewed several times throughout the past year for different news organizations and groups on campus including ASU State Press ( ( (, ASU Cronkite News (, Charger Voice news ( Cody also performed 5 interviews for student projects on-campus.
04/03/18 Sierra Leone SSDP 10 Ariefa quoted in a paper in Koinadugu District after meeting with town chief.
04/03/18 Sierra Leone SSDP 20 Ariefa discussed drug policy reform on Freetown radio twice in February
03/25/18 University of Vienna 10 Teresa wrote a summary of CND week and youth participation for Medujiana - link tba
03/25/18 University of Vienna 10