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02/16/18 Kent State University 10 We were nominated for the international fundraising award! Wooo! We can't wait to see how much we will earn from the 4/19 concert event celebrating bicycle day and 4/20!
02/09/18 SUNY Binghamton 10 Grant Loew quoted in BU's Pipedream newspaper; Know Your Rights, MLK event
02/08/18 North Dakota State University 10 Was interviewed by the school newspaper, will be in the next edition
02/05/18 University of North Dakota 25 Episode 11 of the Harm Reduction Report aired last week and was uploaded to the YouTube channel. We are also meeting with Dave Owens tomorrow, the head of a ballot initiative, during our weekly SSDP meeting in order to acquire the materials and information that is required to drive the ballot initiative forward. Episode 11 of Harm Reduction Report can be found here:
01/31/18 Kent State University 10 We are now listed on Kent's student org webpage.
01/29/18 College of Charleston 10 Article by former chapter leader about the unfair treatment of cannabis vs alcohol users published published in school newspaper
01/29/18 Kent State University 10 Randy Davis and Adonis were featured in an article in our schools newspaper about medical cannabis.
01/29/18 Dublin Institute of Technology 10 ray sherlock submitted add for ssdp in college newspaper, the manuscript.
01/27/18 Kent State University 10 Adonis got an article submitted on Compassionate Cleveland's website regarding PTSD and cannabis use for veterans.
01/26/18 University of California Santa Cruz 10 Our president Calvin was quoted in an article about our administration's use of scare tactics in a campus-wide email---