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03/29/18 Northeastern University 50 In Fall 2017, we met and worked with members of Northeastern's code of conduct review board and OSCCR (Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution) regarding the university's disciplinary policies for students caught with cannabis on campus. Due to these conversations and meetings, the university made the decision to equate punishment for cannabis offenses and alcohol offenses. Previously, cannabis related offenses were punished twice as harshly as alcohol related offenses.
03/22/18 University of Colorado Boulder 50 Improved school's harm reduction education, both in content and reach.
01/09/18 Sierra Leone SSDP 50 At the urging of SSDP Sierra Leone and the West Africa Civil Society Network, police in Sierra Leone have gone through a mandatory training on drug prevention and treatment that includes harm reduction principles.
12/04/17 Chapman University 50 campus officers carrying naloxone
11/13/17 Yale University 50 After two years of our efforts, Yale recently adopted a medical amnesty policy for drug use.
11/04/17 University of Michigan 50 After calling state legislators and the Michigan regulatory agency for medical marijuana, dispensaries will be allowed to stay open throughout the application period
08/22/17 University of Central Arkansas 50 Jeremy Fisher, Melissa Fults, Gary Fults, and I wrote and successfully passed the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act (HB 1778, Act 981). This was our biggest accomplishment so far. Image icon Jeremy Fisher, Gary Fults, Melissa Fults, and Nicholas Dial at the Arkansas State Capitol