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02/11/18 Ferris State University 155 MILegalize volunteering 1/25-2/10
02/01/18 Kent State University 100 We had multiple members volunteer to handout medical cannabis information on campus from 9-4pm.
01/29/18 New College of Florida 30 3 of our club members spent two hours each collecting signatures for a petition to add an amendment to the FL constitution which when voted on will restore voting rights to convicted felons in Florida.
01/27/18 Kent State University 850 Adonis has spent at least 170 hours since September volunteering for Compassionate Cleveland, a medical cannabis firm who has been providing affirmative defenses to patients who qualifies. He has worked with other organizations such as NORML and VETS. He is a patient advocate and doesn't receive compensation for this. He also is trying to initiate other qualifying conditions to pass so this has been included in most of his work and is directly related to our cannabis policyl He is helping lead the new medical cannabis protection policy we are trying to pass. He also spends hours on social media advocating for patients and educating the public about the new Ohio law and changing it to make it better. He's gotten articles published on websites as well about all of this.
01/25/18 Ferris State University 50 10 hours doing data entry and database building for 2018 MILegalize campaign Jan 17- Jan 24
01/23/18 Boston College 150 Leslie did work with March for Public Education and the Women's March - Disability Caucus 30 hours total
01/20/18 Bowling Green State University 50 Medical Amnesty Policy
01/18/18 EPSD Mexico 20 Gustavo Monraz, Jalisco leader maintained EPSD Mexico Website
01/18/18 University of Georgia 40 Went to Wild Hog Supper to lobby legislators for HR-36, HB-65, and SB-105. Four volunteers, 2 hours each.
01/18/18 Ferris State University 240 48 hours doing data entry and database building for 2018 MILegalize campaign Dec. 1 - Jan 16