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12/08/17 University of Vienna 100 Orsi represented SSDP at VNGOC meetings and, alongside Lili/Aria/Chris/Cornelia, attended the thematic UNGASS follow-up sessions this year.
12/06/17 University at Albany 30 Guadalupe volunteered at Katal's Toward Justice: Reducing Harm and Improving Health and Safety Symposium
12/02/17 University of Colorado Boulder 130 Clayton served as night attendant for MAPS MDMA Therapist Training Study (MT-1) 11/29: 5pm-8am... 15hrs 12/1: 9pm- 8am... 11hrs
11/28/17 University of Rhode Island 45 9 total hours of phone banking by members on 11/15
11/16/17 SSDP Nigeria 15 Helped Youth Rise Nigeria compile recommendations to the UNODC Nigeria office.
11/06/17 University of Rhode Island 35 7 members phone banked for an hour each (7 hours total) on 10/25/17 with MPP. We called Ri district 15 voters and connected many legalization supporters to Speaker Mattiello's answering machine.
11/03/17 University of Colorado Boulder 15 Three hours of work, Clayton Ickes worked with the MAPS, doing audio transcription for their interviews.
11/03/17 University of Colorado Boulder 125 25 hour of work, James Gould worked on Gun Rights for Cannabis Patients materials, working with a designer, getting the campaign set up and online, and creating content. 10/17-11/1
11/03/17 University of Colorado Boulder 270 54 hours of work, James Gould worked with MAPS on their websites and promotional materials. 10/4 - 10/31
11/03/17 University of Colorado Boulder 5 One hour of work, James Gould worked with the Opioid Advisory Group's Steering Committee to bring more discussion about harm reduction, including SIF and Drug Checking, into the conversation. 11/1