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05/09/18 California State Polytechnic University Pomona... 20 Effort towards meeting with ATOD and drafting amnesty policy.
04/05/18 California State Polytechnic University Pomona... 40 work on medical amnesty policy, which will be presented to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) board
03/25/18 University of Vienna 10 Orsi wrote for IDPC's CNDblog during the 61st session.
03/18/18 University of Cincinnati 40 2 members collecting signatures for a ballot initiative for 3 hours; 1 member collecting signatures for 2 hours
03/06/18 University of Minnesota Twin Cities 5 Chris Lawrence, VP of SSDP at UMN, helped Gunnar Aas summarize peer-reviewed journal articles to be put in front of legislators on national opiod awareness day.
02/28/18 Ferris State University 25 MILegalize Database building (5 hours) 2/27
02/27/18 Ferris State University 280 MILegalize Database building (56 hours) 2/11-2/26
02/26/18 University of Cincinnati 20 Two members collected signatures for the OSA Ballot Initiative for 2 hours each
02/24/18 University of Colorado Boulder 5 James Gould did one hour Juvenile Marijuana Arrests Research - touching up and sending CORA requests to state agencies
02/24/18 University of Colorado Boulder 20 Organizing CORA requests for data on prison labor from CU and organizing student leaders and stakeholders for an information session