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02/17/18 University of South Florida 20 Met with the FIU chapter
02/06/18 DePaul University 20 Amy helped form a working group with Zane Bader (UGA) and Daniel Kenneth Miles (University of Charleston) in regards to creating a campus drug survey.
01/30/18 University of Oregon 20 Met with Mason in Albuquerque, NM. Discussed SSDP and put an SSDP sticker up at the Cheba Hut there. Image icon 20180128_214256-1.jpg
01/30/18 University College Dublin 20 Met with Eleanor from DCU SSDP last week
01/29/18 Dublin Institute of Technology 20 Ray Sherlock met with UCD ssdp members to talk about ssdp events
01/26/18 SSDP Ghana 80 Ssdp UG met with SSDp Wisconsin and participated in their annual meetings. All the chapters as well convened in UPSA for a round table bag discussion on each chapter progress in their respective institutions
01/25/18 SSDP Pakistan 60 Met with chapters during Reform Met with Ishwor Goray of SSDP Nepal during his trip to Houston
01/25/18 Dublin City University 20 UCD SSDP who are working hard to establish themselves attended the DIT SSDP Open Mic launch party after much online communication, we finally met in person!
01/23/18 Dublin City University 20 DCU and DIT SSDP.
01/23/18 Ohio State University 60 Assembling the Ohio chapters to plan HempFest in Columbus during Hemp History Week this June. Also reaching out to the Ohio Student Association, NORML, Vote Hemp, and the Ohio Rights Group