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10/17/17 SUNY New Paltz 60 Rob, Jack, and Charlotte met with other SSDP'ers at reform conference.
10/16/17 University of North Georgia Gainesville 20 Reform 2017
10/16/17 College of Charleston 20 Met pretty much everyone from SSDP @ Reform 2017!
10/01/17 SUNY New Paltz 20
09/28/17 Florida International University 20 UM Chapter at ArcView event
09/28/17 SSDP Ghana 100 Ssdp wisconsin met twice with upsa this semester and University of Ghana met with the two institutions twice to discuss the various ssdp activities in each chapter and to share ideas. Ssdp Ghana also met with the various country chapters to assist in chapter activities
09/11/17 Dublin City University 20 Working alongside SSDP UCC and SSDP TCD in providing harm reduction with Help not Harm at Electric Picnic 2017.
08/28/17 Florida International University 20 Morgan met with Eckerd College SSDPers KC Klens and Trevor Sutherland
08/28/17 Naropa University 20 Met with CU Boulder SSDP to talk about a water campaign project and to also help create a giant whiteboard for the semesters goals on 8/24/17.
08/18/17 University of Vienna 20 Had Fergal over from SSDP UCC for CND 2017.