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12/05/17 University of Michigan 20 Following the Michigan Cannabis Leaders Summit we hosted a catered reception with our panelists so attendees could interact and network
12/05/17 University of Michigan 20 Met with Office of New Student Programs at the University to discuss education-based initiatives for medical amnesty policy
12/04/17 Diablo Valley Community College 20 met with decision maker while they visited campus
11/30/17 Yale University 80 Met with four candidates for state governor before and after the debate to further discuss their stances on drug policy and the inclusion of drug policy in their campaign platforms.
11/22/17 Dublin City University 20 Met with our Student's Union, a government body who make the decisions on our university policies.
11/16/17 SSDP Nigeria 80 Met with a member of Parliament in Gombe State, met with Drug Enforcement Agency chairman, senate president on health matters, member of US consulate
11/15/17 DePaul University 20 At our chapter meeting on Tuesday Nov. 24th we met with the coordinator of our campus Health Wellness and Promotion office regarding the cannabis propaganda they are putting out. We found out that they are citing data from only 278 of 20,000+ students.
11/13/17 Yale University 20 Met with the President of Yale College Council to advocate for a drug amnesty policy and other sensible drug policies on campus.
11/04/17 University of Michigan 20 Met with directors from the student health committee of Central Student Government to work on policy and messaging proposals
11/04/17 University of Michigan 20 Met with Gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer and discussed her stance on marijuana policy