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02/15/18 Rocky Mountain College 20 Bella and Flavya met with Dean of Students to discuss Campus Grade book, New policies on campus, and fall training workshops with the residence life department.
02/13/18 Occidental College 20 Had a pre-funding meeting with our school's Senate President to talk about potential funding for SSDP18 travel costs.
02/09/18 Dublin City University 20 Met with Vito, future president of DCU SU to discuss future SSDP/SeshSafe plans in DCU with an emphases on a non-medical crisis intervention and chill out spot at DCU events.
02/02/18 University of North Georgia Gainesville 20 Attended NORML lobby day
01/31/18 New College of Florida 20 Our club members attended a professor/faculty meeting at New College.
01/31/18 Kent State University 20 We are working with the The Division of Student Affairs on our medical cannabis policy change.
01/31/18 Kent State University 20 We are working with Student Legal Services to get our medical cannabis policy passed.
01/27/18 Kent State University 20 We are in works with the Dean of Students to get the medical cannabis protection policy put into place.
01/26/18 SSDP Ghana 100 Ssdp Ghana met with some key members of parliament specifically Ketu North, The minister for communication for the new government, the former president JJ Rawlings, Deputy minister for tourism to talk about ssdp and the partnership project with the Miss United Nations 2017 and the Free SHS Ambassador
01/23/18 Boston College 100 On Campus: BCPD University Health Services Office of Health Promotion Office of Residential Life Off Campus: Cannabis Control Commission