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10/05/17 SUNY New Paltz 20 Robert discussed the 2 Strike Policy with the Vice President of Student Affairs and the Dean of Students. We have a follow-up meeting scheduled with the VPSA this Friday
10/03/17 University of Michigan 20 Met with local business leaders and policymakers. Mark Passerini of Om of Medicine, Jeff Irwin of Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, Matt Abel of Michigan NORML
10/01/17 SUNY New Paltz 20 Meeting with town council member
09/30/17 University of Colorado Boulder 60 James Gould met with: members of the Boulder city Marijuana Advisory Panel to talk about and network for social use, Kat Dailey at CU's Health Department to talk about overdose training and naloxone, and the Boulder County Opioid Advisory Group's steering committee
09/28/17 SSDP Ghana 40 Mr. Ansah met with the NACOB director twice on drug policy in Ghana and the way forward.
09/28/17 SSDP Ghana 20 Juana A. Boateng met the president of Ghana and used the opportunity to talk about his promise to SSDP Ghana when he was a presidential candidate. He asked that she comes back to have an indepth discussion on it. Image icon IMG-20170912-WA0008.jpg
09/28/17 SSDP Ghana 20 Mr. Ansah and Isaiah Adegoke Jnr met with the minister of interior to talk about the drug policy in Ghana and to introduce ssdp Ghana to him in August before the first SSDP Ghana workshop
09/28/17 University of Texas Austin 20 Allyson went to the Committee On Substance Safety and Overdose Prevention (COSSOP) board meeting at the center for students in recovery to discuss initiatives with them including a take back day.
09/19/17 Bowling Green State University 20 Lobbied for Medical Amnesty
09/17/17 DePaul University 20 On 9/12 chapter lead Amy met with legal representatives of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office to discuss cannabis legalization.