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Host regular meetings, at least twice a month (15 points. per semester)

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Submitted Chapter Points Notes
10/17/17 University at Albany 15 Meeting held on 10/12
10/17/17 University at Albany 15 Meeting held on 10/5
10/17/17 University at Albany 15 9/28 General Interest Meeting Part 2
10/06/17 University of Missouri 15
09/30/17 University of Central Florida 15 Bi-weekly meetings secured for Fall 2017 semester.
09/28/17 Florida International University 15 Weekly meetings in Library
09/28/17 SSDP Ghana 210 All ssdp chapters in various institutions have held meetings more than three times this semester respectively and SSDP Ghana executives have also held similar meetings to deliberate on issues and the way forward for ssdp Ghana and to plan our annual open forum
09/25/17 University of Rhode Island 15 We host weekly meetings with the whole group on Monday nights and officer meetings on Thursday nights.
09/25/17 University at Albany 15 General Interest Meeting 9/21
09/21/17 University of Cincinnati 15