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11/29/17 University of Michigan 10 MCLS op-ed with Green wolverine published
11/28/17 University of Rhode Island 10 Kira's article about our event was published.
11/21/17 Bowling Green State University 10
11/20/17 Yale University 10 Article published on our push for a drug amnesty policy at Yale! (starts at p. 17)
11/16/17 University of Michigan 10 got op-ed published in Michigan Daily
11/16/17 SSDP Nigeria 40 Two articles published in Lagos local newspapers
11/13/17 Yale University 10 Aidan Pillard's op-ed was successfully published by the Yale Daily News.
11/01/17 Chapman University 10
07/28/17 University of Colorado Boulder 10 James Gould: got LTE Published (they changed the title): Calling for substance abuse help isn't a crime