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05/17/18 SSDP Zambia 5
04/19/18 United Methodist University 5 I did have my first communication with my outreach coordinator on why I want to get involved with SSDP, and more over I presented my University the chapter I am establishing the SSDP chapter. Notwithstanding I told him I am a youth activist as well in Liberia, I have been advocating for the empowerment and growth of children on the move, and I will be glad to explode greatly as chapter leader for SSDP at my University in achieving their goals.
03/22/18 University of South Carolina 5 Talked to Luis about upcoming goals and events for the chapter.
03/19/18 Grand Valley State University 5
03/12/18 Florida Institute of Technology 5
03/08/18 College of Southern Idaho 5
02/21/18 University of Virginia 5
02/08/18 Green Mountain College 5
01/30/18 University College Dublin 5 Chatted to Jake before eventually setting up the chapter
01/23/18 California State University Los Angeles 5