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Each new officer recruited and trained (VP, Sec, Treas, etc.) (5 points. per semester)

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Submitted Chapter Points Notes File
05/10/18 SSDP Nigeria 25 5 new officers trained: Director of Administration, Director of Media, Director of Community Service, Program Associate, Director of High School Education
05/08/18 Florida International University 5 Daemon elected as VP
05/08/18 University of South Carolina 5 New Treasurer elected
05/07/18 United Methodist University 15 The SSDP United Methodist University has trained new recruited members for the position of vice President , Secretary & Treasure . Image icon IMG_20180502_120328.jpg
05/04/18 Cork Institute of Technology 20 Eleanor and Killian were elected to secretary and treasurer respectively for the coming college year 2018-2019
04/30/18 SUNY Binghamton 5 points New secretary appointed and trained on 04/26/2018 Rickchild Pyram Junior Student at Binghamton University
04/20/18 University of California Irvine School of Law 15
04/20/18 SUNY Binghamton 15 VP, Treasurer, and Local Outreach elected and trained
04/17/18 University of Rhode Island 10 - Jesse Fox, secretary - Grace G., treasurer
04/10/18 Occidental College 20 New treasurer (Roee P), secretary (Hope R), VP (Alex H), and Operations Coordinator (Teagan M) have been trained and taken the lead with new president (Athena V) in Spring Semester of 2018.