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Each new officer recruited and trained (VP, Sec, Treas, etc.) (5 points. per semester)

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Submitted Chapter Points Notes File
10/17/17 SUNY New Paltz 5 Jonathan elected as Bookkeeper
10/13/17 University at Albany 10 Graduate Chapter trained new VP and Treasurer
10/12/17 Dublin City University 25 Recruited an almost entirely new committee for this year's DCU SSDP: Declan Moore - Chair (RETURNING MEMBER) Eleanor Hulm - Vice Chair (RETURNING MEMBER) Naoise Moore - Secretary (NEW) Ruby Muller- Treasurer (NEW) Peter Gowan- Communications (NEW) Devlin Jimenez- Graphic Design (NEW) Jemma Carthy- Events (NEW) Image icon 22382414_10210310893868224_5588978613224136141_o.jpg
10/09/17 University at Albany 5 Hannah Riegel trained for secretary position
10/09/17 Florida State University 5 Trained new Director of Event Planning, Gray, 10/9/17
10/06/17 University of Missouri 10 Secretary and Treasurer
10/05/17 College of Charleston 25 Changed over leadership of CofC SSDP in Fall 2017; recruited new vice president, secretary, treasurer, ambassador and AMPLIFY coordinator
10/01/17 Ferris State University 20 Change in VP, Secretary, Treasurer and Community Service Chair
09/30/17 University of Central Florida 5 new officers, Ghamar and Ryan recruited and trained in harm reduction and objectives/ideals.
09/29/17 Arizona State University 15 Cody, Maya, and Kaylin were all elected in April of 2017, and trained during the summer of 2017. We failed to record this before the CAT refreshed this summer,so we are logging them now