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05/08/18 University of Colorado Boulder 10 points Email stated that each individual action was worth 10 points
05/08/18 SUNY Binghamton 10 Did the SSDP Dare Challenge of using the cheek list to evaluate our chapters accessibility. PDF icon Copy of accessibility check list
05/08/18 SUNY Binghamton 10 Uploaded the may monthly mosaic to Binghamton's SSDP face book page using the hashtag #SSDPMosaic. Image icon Screen shot of post
01/23/18 Kent State University 10 We shared January's monthly mosaic with the hastag #monthlymosaic on our FB page.
01/08/18 University of Utah Contact your congressional representative and urge them to pass S. 1055, the Philippines Human Rights Accountability Act. Submitted my letter to my senators through the link provided and posted it to the facebook page as well to get the word out.
01/08/18 University of Utah 10 Posted monthly mosaic on SSDP facebook page with some comments
12/05/17 Ohio State University 10 Shared November's Monthly Mosaic to Facebook page
12/04/17 Kent State University 10 Shared November's monthly mosaic on our FB with the hashtag #monthlymosaic.
10/30/17 DePaul University 10 DePaul SSDP shared the Monthly Mosaic on Facebook. Image icon Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 8.47.08 PM.png
10/27/17 Kent State University 10 Shared October's Monthly Mosaic on our Facebook page. Discussed the monthly mosaic at our meeting and addressed the relationship between drug policy and domestic violence and how our chapter can complete Green Dot Trainings.