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Distribute harm reduction training/materials (1 point per person reached)

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05/15/18 College of Charleston 20 Distributed drug information cards and other materials at 4/20 rally with local NORML chapter
05/10/18 University of Texas Austin 100 Ian Sims and James Lee were guest lecturers in UT Austin's "Young People and Drugs" class. They delivered a presentation titled "Harm Reduction 101" to an estimated audience of 100 students and distributed harm reduction materials afterwards.
05/10/18 University of Texas Austin 20 Anand Pant and Julia Blaszkowski hosted an educational event at Taos Co-op (a student living cooperative) to teach harm reduction and overdose prevention strategies.
05/08/18 SUNY Binghamton 10 Handed out harm reduction information on "Study Drugs" I put together to 10 people at an event PDF icon study drugs facts.pdf
05/04/18 Cork Institute of Technology 160 Our chapter held a drug related quiz to raise funds for testing kits. on the tables we laid out hard reduction materials such as booklets and leaflets about different drugs and how to reduce the harm associated with them. There was 80 people attending and everyone had at least two booklets each.
05/01/18 University of Pittsburgh 1200
04/30/18 University of California Santa Cruz 300 Distributed pamphlets, water, sunscreen, and information at 420
04/21/18 University of Pittsburgh 1000
04/17/18 University of Rhode Island 20 naloxone training with RICares and 20 students attended!
04/17/18 University of Pittsburgh 300