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Distribute harm reduction training/materials (1 point per person reached)

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Submitted Chapter Points Notes
10/17/17 University of Pittsburgh 280 Handed out information on how to use medical amnesty (just passed at Pitt)
09/30/17 University of Central Florida 75 handed out flyers, educational cards, condoms, try-folds and info on 8/20/2017
09/29/17 Arizona State University 11 On 9/26, we reached 6 people at national voter registration day and gave them materials; on 9/28, we reached 5 people during tabling and gave them materials
09/28/17 Florida International University 400 Materials passed out at orientations and tabling 380ish on roster 80 people attended
09/27/17 Bowling Green State University 3
09/27/17 University of Pittsburgh 25
09/19/17 Hamline University 6 Talking about Harm Reduction and its need in Rural Minnesota at first SSDP meeting , distributing resources, and making plans to do a training up north .
09/15/17 Kent State University 50 We passed out harm reduction cards at Black Squirrel Festival to at least 50 different people with multiple others coming up to the table interested in our organization. 50 new people signed up for our email list.
09/14/17 College of Charleston 30 Distributed DanceSafe flyers, condoms, and other harm reduction materials at Fall 2017 Student Organization Fair
09/07/17 Kent State University 50 We handed out harm reductions cards to at least 50 people at FlashFest, and obtained over 80 new sign ups to our email list.