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Distribute harm reduction training/materials (1 point per person reached)

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02/20/18 SUNY New Paltz 15 15 harm reduction cards distributed
02/16/18 Kent State University 50 We handed out adorbz HR valentines cards on V-Day, along with general information about SSDP.
02/15/18 University College Cork 5 UCC SSDP Chair Fergal Eccles conducted Harm Reduction Training for society members (David, Aishling, Ruby, Jamie, Adam). The event took place on Tuesday 13th. Fergal outlined the importance of harm reduction, testing kits, what to look out in a dangerous drug-related situations and more. Those attending contributed in different ways such as being quizzed on what type drugs qualify as stimulants, psychedelics, opioids, etc, and what are some signs a drug has reacted badly to a person. A google doc was created during this session where everyone contributed what they learned. Image icon cat3.PNG
02/12/18 University of Cincinnati 20 While tabling, various SSDP informational/harm reduction materials were distributed to 20 individuals.
02/09/18 Dublin City University 2 Two SeshSafe kits mailed.
02/09/18 SUNY Binghamton 13 Handed out Finals Week Harm reduction sheets (credit: Oxy SSDP) at DeStress Event.
02/09/18 SUNY Binghamton 40 Spoke at MLK Day Truth Pharm event. Passed out Know Your Rights info cards to 40 attendees
02/08/18 University of Central Florida 20 Distributed Just Say Know and condoms on campus weekly
02/07/18 Kent State University 10 We handed out about 10 HR cards/campus policy change information at the tabling event on 2/6/18. It was only 5-6:30, so unfortunately didn't get to spread as much awareness as we wanted to.
02/07/18 University of Pittsburgh 75