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Distribute educational materials in a non-tabling setting (5 points)

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12/08/17 University of Vienna 5 Handed out some JSK substance cards at the afterparty of our movie screening (the DOx one was weirdly popular)
12/04/17 Kent State University 5 We distributed harm reduction cards at our fundraising event.
12/04/17 University of Vienna 10 We handed out JSK materials (in German!) at VPS meetings and in the common room at the New Intitute Building of the University.
11/29/17 University of Michigan 5 Distributed educational materials in Diag for MCLS
11/26/17 SUNY New Paltz 5 Distribution of safety flyers around campus
11/16/17 Northeast Ohio Medical University 5
11/16/17 SSDP Nigeria 15 Three times they handed out materials in Lagos
11/13/17 University of Central Florida 20 handed out harm reduction materials after our meetings to our members. condoms, stickers, know your right cards, trifolds, fact sheet. As well as personally distributing harm reduction goodies during my class announcement for the meeting. Oct 3/ Oct 17 x2
11/13/17 Dublin City University 5 Distributed safer snorting leaflets w/ safer snorting tools in lectures as part of a campaign.
11/12/17 Kent State University 5 We have the tripsit drug combination chart hanging on the outside of our office for all of campus to see and check out.