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Distribute educational materials in a non-tabling setting (5 points)

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02/14/18 Howard University 5 Distributed Know Your Rights cards to people in the Harriet Tubman dorm hall.
02/09/18 Dublin City University 5 Education materials, our guidebooks etc. to the future DCU SU president, Vito.
02/02/18 Kent State University 5 We handed out 20 MMJ policy flyers, and 5 of the FAQ forms at the student org fair.
02/01/18 Kent State University 5 We handed out info personally in the student center.
01/29/18 Dublin Institute of Technology 5 Donal O'Halloran and ray sherlock distributed ssdp around two college campuses to promote ssdp dit
01/28/18 Kent State University 5 Passed out harm reduction cards and explained SSDP all night at one of our members 21st birthdays. Also had a DD.
01/27/18 Kent State University 50 Adonis has been distributing educational materials at Compassionate Cleveland about the new medical cannabis policy since September. He has also been a member since the Fall semester we just forgot to add his points.
01/26/18 Ferris State University 5 left fentanyl information pamphlets and overdose prevention materials to birkham health center on campus 1/25/18
01/25/18 SSDP Pakistan 10 On two occasions, members of SSDP Pakistan distributed information related to harm reduction and overdose prevention to members of the community.
01/23/18 Boston College 15 Handed out homemade brochures on stigmatization of drugs, other handouts about where to find resources on campus, narcan training in Boston