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Distribute educational materials in a non-tabling setting (5 points)

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Submitted Chapter Points Notes
10/17/17 University of Pittsburgh 10 hung up around campus, (union, library etc )
09/28/17 SSDP Ghana 20 Ssdp Ghana distributed some learning materials to some Senior high school institutions in Ghana
09/22/17 University of Pittsburgh 5
09/19/17 SUNY Binghamton 5 Handing out Just Say Know Party Guidebooks
09/07/17 University of Pittsburgh 5
08/16/17 Indiana State University 5 Been attending the new student orientations on campus and handing out promotional material and fielding a ton of questions. Hope it produces a good size recruit class. It has provided a ton of feedback and interest.
08/12/17 Tyler 5 Distributed SSDP Good Samaritan Policy information at #NN17
07/12/17 Ferris State University 75 Multiple days (min. 2-3 days a week since end of may) of distribution of free michigan medical marijuana law guides, drug testing information and local harm reduction information outside of local smoke shop and at local events, often in conjunction with legalization and other statewide petitions.