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Direct service volunteering (Assembling or distributing syringes or Naloxone kits. 5 points per person per hour)

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02/08/18 University of Texas Austin 275 Anand developed the server backend and android app to record naloxone reversals in conjugation with the Texas Overdose Naloxone Initiative. Currently in beta: -55 hrs
01/30/18 University of Texas Austin 667 Every month since the beginning of October our chapter has hosted kit making parties for an hour and half with our local harm reduction center. These events have been a huge success with about 20-25 of our chapter members making kits each time.
01/24/18 Dublin Institute of Technology 40 ray sherlock, donal o'halloran and eleanor hulm spent four hours creating sesh safe kits to distribute at open mic night.
01/22/18 University of Texas Austin 402.5 Individuals from our chapter volunteer with the Austin Harm Reduction Coalition every month for a certain number of hours. this amount is based on all of October through January. Attached below is the schedule with the number of hours that each individual volunteered. Maddy Braat, Anand Pant, Allyson Todd, Andrew Hood, Sidney Phillips, Ian Sims, and Monica Batra-Shrader are all chapter members that volunteered.
01/04/18 Reed College 345 Reed College SSDPers help local needle-exchange PPOP distribute syringes and naloxone every weekend
12/23/17 Sarah Lawrence College 155 Volunteered for 31 hours in December
12/23/17 Sarah Lawrence College 330 Volunteered for 66 hours in November
12/23/17 Sarah Lawrence College 330 Volunteered for 66 hours in October at syringe exchange
12/23/17 Sarah Lawrence College 335 Volunteered for 67 hours in September at syringe exchange
12/07/17 Portland State University 137.5 October volunteer hours at Outside In's syringe exchange: 27.5