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Build/maintain relationships with other orgs on campus (10 points per org. per semester)

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02/20/18 SUNY New Paltz 10
02/16/18 Kent State University 10 We're working with relay for life at KSU to volunteer to fundraise to help end cancer--and taking the approach of educating people about cannabis and cancer and how it can help. Sam also submitted a lumineer because her uncle passed away from cancer asking her to help him get access to medical cannabis----which only filled her with 5000x more passion to make sure cancer patients know they now have another treatment option inside of Ohio with our new law. This is in April and will be all volunteering, so we will update the points once we tally how many hours each person has volunteered to help spread awareness.
02/14/18 University of Rhode Island 40 We recently built a coalition with student organizations to support student senate candidates that support funding our chapter. URI ACLU URI Democrats College Republicans Student Action for Sustainability
02/13/18 Florida State University 10 Maintained relationship with NUSA 2/13/18
02/13/18 California State University Monterey Bay 10 Relationship with UndocuOtters and In the Ords
02/12/18 University of Cincinnati 10 Meet with leaders of 3 other UC org's to plan out our involvement in OSA's Criminal Justice Reform Ballot Initiative
02/11/18 Ferris State University 20 Collab with College Democrats and Speech and debate team (Political engagement fair)
02/09/18 SUNY Binghamton 40 High Hopes Helpline Roosevelt Institute Black Student Union Latinx Student Union
02/08/18 University of Pittsburgh 40 CWO, Planned parenthood club, prison outreach, neuroscience honors society
02/07/18 Kent State University 10 We are working with Black Squirrel Radio to plan a fundraising event celebrating bicycle day and 4/20! 4/19/18 8-2am.