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Build/maintain relationships with other orgs on campus (10 points per org. per semester)

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Submitted Chapter Points Notes
12/08/17 University of Kansas 40 Latin American Student Organization, African American Student Association, Alumni Association, Student Government
12/06/17 Ohio State University 30 Made connections with Advocates for Inclusion and Diversity through Education; OSU Council of Clubs; The Intergalactic Science Fiction Club
12/03/17 Hamline University 10 built relationship with Hamline Health Services, getting endorsement and support to do on campus harm reduction education
12/03/17 Hamline University 10 Worked with ALIVE, Hamline's chronic illness support group, for our event about illegal drugs & health (5 October)
11/29/17 Colorado State University 10 Alpha Epsilon Pi
11/27/17 University of Vienna 30 SFL <3 SSDP ÖH & HuS <3 SSDP
11/26/17 SUNY New Paltz 10 Held rally with New Paltz Action Network
11/22/17 University of Denver Law School 10 Career Development Office on DU Campus
11/22/17 Dublin City University 10 FLAC society: event with us on drugs & legality.
11/17/17 University at Albany 10 Established relationship with Graduate student org of Sociology. The president, Tyler, studies mass incarceration and drug policy. Karissa and Tyler discussed community initiative to involve stakeholders in drug policy reform and to share stories of those affected by war on drugs.