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Build/maintain relationships with other orgs on campus (10 points per org. per semester)

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06/07/18 Occidental College 10 Made great connections and plan to have events in tandem with sect of student government called DEB at Occidental College (Diversity & Equity Board).
05/10/18 University of Texas Austin 10 James Lee has regularly attended the meetings of "Committee for Substance Safety and Overdose Prevention" which is under the umbrella organization of Center for Students in Recovery.
05/10/18 University of Texas Austin 10 We co-organized our 420 event with QTPOCA (Queer and Trans People of Color Agency)
05/04/18 University of California Santa Barbara 10 Made plans to collaborate with the Black Student Union
04/15/18 Kent State University 10 We are working with USG to help promote our fundraiser (they decided to have theirs on the same day and are bringing two chainz to campus so we asked if they could help us instead of having the big guys steal the little guys thunder). They are going to shout it out at the event and they tweeted the event flyer. Their event is called FlashFest, so we titled ours The After Flash Bash (A play on words from Michigan's hash bash). The event still promotes 4/19 and 4/20.
04/15/18 Kent State University 50 At Relay for Life, Randy and Adonis talked to at least 5 sororities/fraternities to educate them on medical cannabis nonprofits as well as harm reduction and peer education modules.
03/26/18 University of Pittsburgh 40 spring semester 2018
03/25/18 University of Vienna 30 ÖH (Austrian Student Government), HuS (Social Sciences Student Body) and SFL <3 SSDP
03/17/18 Kent State University 10 We are working with the Ohio Student Association (OSA) on a state-wide ballot initiative to collect signatures. This initiative is aimed to reduce prison populations and lessen drug charges. Rachel Mass is leading this for our group as they are a part of both organizations.
03/09/18 College of Southern Idaho 10 Diversity Council