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Attend lobbying training (10 points)

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05/10/18 University of Texas Austin 10 Ian Sims and James Lee attended lobby day training during the conference.
03/25/18 University of Vienna 10 Orsi attended Lobby Day training at SSDP18
03/21/18 University of Connecticut 40 Parz, Elyse, Jerry, and Jennie trained to lobby at SSDP 2018
03/13/18 University of Oregon 20 Chapter leader and VP both attended lobby training at SSDP2018
03/07/18 SUNY Binghamton 10 Trained at SSDP 2018
03/07/18 University at Albany 10 John Molloy completed lobbying training at the SSDP conference
03/04/18 Ohio State University 60 Dakota, Nic, John, Jake, Conner, and Chris attended lobby training at SSDP18
03/03/18 Dean College 40 All four of the members at SSDP2018 attended lobby training on March 4th with SSDP staff.
02/21/18 University of Georgia 10 Nathan Wasserman, secretary, attended an Athens 4 Everyone lobbying training session
02/02/18 University of North Georgia Gainesville 10 Attended NORML lobby training