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10/15/17 University of Rhode Island 20 4 of our members attended the DPA 2017 conference in Atlanta and we all learned valuable knowledge and skills!
10/09/17 University of Vienna 10 Orsi attended the "Future of drug regulation and addiction treatment" workshop by prof. Bruce Alexander and the "Citizen lobbying for drug policy reform" lecture by Piotr Zaborowski at the RDR conference in Brno, Czech Republic.
09/30/17 University of Colorado Boulder 10 x2 - James Gould attended Boulder County AIDS Project's HIV 101 training (8 hours, 9/16) and CU Boulder's "How To Save A Life" overdose awareness training (half hour, 9/17)
09/28/17 SSDP Ghana 25 Mr. Ansah attended a 5 day leadership and skills building training in the 4th West Africa course on drug policy and human rights where Juana A Boateng was a resource person in an Alumni perspective on drug policy and experience
09/17/17 DePaul University 10 This weekend chapter lead Amy attended DePaul Student Organization Training on Friday and attended a workshop about communicating harm reduction messages with Vilmarie.
09/15/17 Arizona State University 5 Cody Holt attending the Undergraduate Student Government funds application and processing training
09/07/17 Kent State University 5 Samantha Melius received a $1000 scholarship to attend a Medical Cannabis Education Symposium in Columbus in July (during her summer courses before she graduated and became our alumni mentor).
08/31/17 Rocky Mountain College 5 Points Bella Goss attended Rocky Mountain College Leadership Summit in McLeod, Montana and trained for New Student Orientation August 11-13.
07/19/17 University of Colorado Boulder 5 James Gould Got trained to use VAN for campaign management