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Community Building Points 23314
Policy Change Points 17559
Training and Education Points 19458
Total Earned 60331
Total Spent 18910
High Quality Community Builders 36
High Quality Advocates 22
High Quality Educators 41
High Quality Chapters 21
Chapters who completed an action within the last week 0

Completed Activities

Table on campus (5 points) 153
Submit roster on time (10 points plus 1 point per five new, valid e-mails) 41
Meet with SSDPers in another chapter (20 points) 71
Apply for school funding (1 point for every $10 raised) 31
Attend leadership or skills-building training (5 points per person per training) 72
Get trained by SSDP staff (5 points per person per training) 22
Volunteer at SSDP or partner event (5 points per person per hour) 89
First call/conversation with Outreach Coordinator (5 points, new chapters only) 21
Each new officer recruited and trained (VP, Sec, Treas, etc.) (5 points. per semester) 63
Recognized by school/remain in good standing with school (10 points per semester) 77
Secure/maintain faculty adviser (10 points. per semester) 57
Build/maintain relationships with other orgs on campus (10 points per org. per semester) 71
Host regular meetings, at least twice a month (15 points. per semester) 58
Recruit and train next chapter President (30 points) 34
Successfully fundraise (1 point per $10 raised) 32
Positive quote/media hit (10 points) 62
Submit content for blog (15 points) 9
Translate an item for SSDP’s website into a non-english language (15 points per 750 words) 0
Refer a friend (10 points per new chapter application) 15
Take a picture with donor sheets and send to your Outreach coordinator (10 points) 1
Fill out the SSDP Membership Survey (3 Points per response) 3
Submit case study (50 points) 1
Register voters (1 point each voter registered) 15
Make a campaign plan with your outreach coordinator (15 points) 11
Chapter member elected to student government (25 points) 13
Collect signatures for ballot initiative (5 points per person per hour) 15
Attend lobbying training (10 points) 16
Write & submit LTE/op-ed (10 points) 4
Get LTE/op-ed published (10 points) 2
Get politician on the record (15 points) 15
Pass a student government resolution endorsing policy reform (20 points) 8
Meet with decision makers (20 points) 81
Host campaign-themed event/forum/debate (20 points) 37
Policy changed or adopted (50 points) 17
Research one campus for the SSDP Campus Policy Gradebook (30 points) 4
Policy Change Volunteering (5 points per hour per person) 29
Do the SSDP DARE (10 points) 0
Respond to P2P Reflection Questions on a Training Curriculum module (15 points per module completed) 43
Distribute educational materials in a non-tabling setting (5 points) 27
Distribute harm reduction training/materials (1 point per person reached) 84
Direct service volunteering (Assembling or distributing syringes or Naloxone kits. 5 points per person per hour) 84
Host general event/forum/debate (20 points) 77
Present an SSDP Peer Education module (20 points) 5
Collect evaluation from SSDP Peer Education (5 points per evaluation collected) 0
Submit suggestion for SSDP JSK modules on specific drugs (1 point per resource suggested) 0
Submit suggestion for SSDP Training Curriculum (1 point per resource suggested) 3
Create a Just Say Know Module (50 Points) 1