Hey! Listen! The CAT has been updated to 4.2.0. Go check out the release notes for important information about that!

Release Notes

CAT v4.2.0


This release updates the system to have functionality for "rolling over" points. Prior to this release, the stats and other pages just calculated all totals. Now totals will be boxed to the current "financial year", which runs July 1st through May 31 of the following year.

New Features

Bug fixes

CAT v4.1.2


This release updates the system to require a completed at date and points value on a chapter action, which should ensure that all feeds sorting by completed at date won't always show entries with no date at the top.

Bug Fixes

CAT v4.1.1


This release fixes a minor bug when trying to edit users in the rails admin console

Bug Fixes

CAT v4.1.0


This release contains a few bug fixes and cleanup items from the initial release. See updates below.

Bug Fixes

New Features

CAT v4.0.0


We're very excited to release the fourth and most stable version of the Chapter Activity Tracker. This web app has come a long way from its initial conception and implementation.

The first iteration of the CAT was a WordPress theme, built by Drew Stromberg. In the earliest implementation, we used posts, comments, and categories native to the WordPress platform to track points. It was a quick solution needed during rapid development, and worked well for a year or so.

In the summer of 2016, Drew converted the CAT WordPress theme into a Drupal installation, complete with a content schema and new front end theme. Drupal solved back-end problems, and allowed us to more easily track statistics and report on data to our stakeholders, but the platform still had plenty of limitations.

In the 2017-2018 program year, Tyler Williams rebuilt the CAT using the Flask microframework for Python. This rebuild provided more speed, allowed for more customization and data reporting features for staff, and incorporated the bootstrap frontend framework.

CAT v3, built with Flask, still suffered from some customization issues. It was built from the ground up and some fundamental architecture made the codebase difficult to read and maintain, without any real convention.

Enter CAT v4.0.0 - rebuilt in Rails. This fourth, and hopefully final, major version

Bug fixes

Login Changes

We've had a great deal of confusion surrounding login names, and have switched over to using email to login, which is more intuitive for most than using their entire school's name. Your login will now be your chapters.ssdp.org email address (if you don't know what it is, ask your Outreach Coordinator). Passwords have not been changed in CAT v4 launch.

Point tracking

We've been aware of a number of point tracking bugs for a long time. These included things like:

All of these point tracking bug should be fixed.

Statistics fixes

The queries used to pull high quality chapters weren't matching the numbers 1 for 1 in CAT v3, but are more concise and 100% correct now.

New Features

Password resets

The CAT v4 was built using the Devise gem for user authentication and authorization. In the past, we built our own auth system from scratch, and hadn't included the ability to change passwords. Devise comes with this functionality built in, and you can now send an email to yourself to reset your password.

To reset your password:

  1. Go to https://cat.ssdp.org/users/sign_in
  2. Click "Forgot your password"
  3. Enter your CAT email address and click "Send me reset password instructions"
  4. Click on the "change my password" link in your email - it should have come from tyler.williams@ssdp.org
  5. Enter your new password and confirm
Pagination on Chapters List

The chapters list at https://cat.ssdp.org/chapters now paginates with 10 chapters per page

Activity Reports for Staff

Each chapter page now has a "follow" button. Currently, all users can follow any other user, but only staff will receive reports. Staff reports can be mailed daily or weekly, and will include all actions taken by the chapters they follow.

Bug Reports

Want to report a bug or contribute? Find the CAT on GitHub!