Yale University

Chapter Building

455 points

Policy Change

60 points

Training and Education

250 points

Points Earned This Year:765

Spent: 340

Rollover from last year: 800

Current balance: 1225

Lifetime points: 3055


Activity Feed

Action Points Note
Refer a friend (10 points per new member application) 10 Jane referred a new member application from the University of Washington
Successfully fundraise (1 point per $10 raised) 40 Two on-campus party with tickets and a donation desk
Hold meeting focused on system oppression (10 points) 10 organized a debrief meeting after attending the campus panel, Displacement, Exclusion, and Segregation
Host campaign-centered event/forum/debate (20 points) 60 Three panels on drug policy reform and psychedelics research open to all members of the Yale community.
Positive quote/media hit (10 points) 10 New instagram account!
Present an SSDP Peer Education module (20 points) 240 Starting from last semester, members are asked to presents a module to the entire chapter in the beginning of meeting! Since then, we've covered twelve modules.
Set up and operate SSDP recruitment table (5 points) 20 At the academic bazaar and after each event we hosted.
Maintain Faculty Adviser (5 points per semester) 10 two semesters
Remain in good standing with school (5 points per semester) 10 two semesters
Each new officer recruited and trained (VP, Sec, Treas, etc.) (5 points. per semester) 60 two semesters, six board members trained
Build/maintain relationships with other orgs (10 points per org. per six months) 90 maintained relationship with nine other organizations
Host community building event (20 points) 60 three events
Apply for school funding (1 point for every $10 raised) 90 for $900
Points Spent -340 Reform conference scholarship - full lodging, $190 discount on registration
Recruit and train next chapter President (30 points) 30 New co-presidents Khaleel and Jane for 2019-2020 academic year!
Each new officer recruited and trained (VP, Sec, Treas, etc.) (5 points. per semester) 25 New policy director, treasurer, events coordinators x2, and media director
Rollover 800 Rollover from 2018 - 2019

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