Chapter Building

36 points

Policy Change

50 points

Training and Education

0 points

Points Earned This Year:86

Spent: 0

Rollover from last year: 140

Current balance: 226

Lifetime points: 226


Activity Feed

Action Points Note
Build/maintain relationships with other orgs (10 points per org. per six months) 10 Our chapter has successfully build a year long collaboration with the UCL Amnesty International Society, working together on event organising. We currently have scheduled 3 events together.
Chapter member elected to student government, or serving on a decision-making body in the community (50 points) 50 Our chapter’s Treasurer has been elected as the International Students’ Officer in the UCL Student Union, serving as a representative and working to facilitate better integration through Student Union Events.
Submit roster (10 points plus 1 point per five new, valid e-mails) 11 7 valid emails, Roster for term 2
Submit roster (10 points plus 1 point per five new, valid e-mails) 10 9 members, updated Roster for term 3
Remain in good standing with school (5 points per semester) 5 Maintained a good relationship with the UCL Institute of the Americas and the Faculty of History and Social sciences who have agreed to promote our events
Rollover 140 Rollover from 2019 - 2020

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