Chapter Building

5 points

Policy Change

0 points

Training and Education

50 points

Points Earned This Year:55

Spent: 0

Rollover from last year: 1600

Current balance: 1655

Lifetime points: 1253

Activity Feed

Action Points Note
Remain in good standing with school (5 points per semester) 5 By completing all the electoral requirements and transition paperwork, SSDP UCL has successfully remained affiliated to the Students' Union.
Distribute educational materials (1 point per person reached) 20 As part of the Just Say Know Volunteering Programme, SSDP UCL distributed educational materials to beneficiaries, covering overdose first aids, know the risks leaflets for drugs such as cannabis, MDMA and ketamine.
Direct service volunteering (5 points per person per hour) 30 SSDP UCL has completed a 2 hour harm reduction workshop with their charity partner as part of the Just Say Know Volunteering Programme. Our beneficiaries were young refugees and asylum seekers. The session covered overdose and first aid training, as well as peer pressure tips.
Rollover 800 Rollover from 2020 - 2021
Rollover 800 Rollover from 2020 - 2021

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