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Apply for school funding (1 point for every $10 raised) 25 Our request for $250 was approved by the ASOC Senate at Occidental. This money will be used for our event hosting Dr. Yaden next month.
Submit roster (10 points plus 1 point per five new, valid e-mails) 14 Attached below is a link to our google spreadsheet that contains a list of those who signed up to our Oxy chapter and gave us their emails to be added to our email list.
Host regular meetings (15 points. per semester) 15 Our E-Board has begun hosting regular meetings every Sunday. Our sub-committee's will begin also hosting regular/recurring meetings of their own.
Meet with SSDPers in another chapter (20 points) 20 Our chapter president Baruch Goodman met and briefly talked over ideas, advice, and strategies on building up a successful SSDP chapter with MSU Chapter President Kat Ebert on July 29th.
Remain in good standing with school (5 points per semester) 5 We have remained in good standing with our school and plan to have meetings with bigger members of our college's administration very soon.
Build/maintain relationships with other orgs (10 points per org. per six months) 10 We recently have signed our club up to join the Intercollegiate Psychedelics Network. Some of our E-Board members plan on having calls with those involved in IPN to brainstorm direct collaboration projects and events we can do. Our chapters President, Baruch Goodman, also plans on applying for a role within IPN and speaking with members to see how we can begin integrating psychedelic sciences more deeply into our schools curriculums and expand undergraduate student access to research and mentorship opportunities in the psychedelic sciences.
Each new officer recruited and trained (VP, Sec, Treas, etc.) (5 points. per semester) 20 Our chapter successfully has recruited and trained a new Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Policy director.
First call/conversation with Global Program Manager or Movement Building Fellows (5 points, new chapters only) 5 About two months ago when we first started rebuilding our Oxy chapter, we had our first call with our Movement Building fellow, Rob Hoffman.
Attend leadership or skills-building training (5 points per person per training) 5 Our college had a leadership training session for club/organization presidents that was attended by our chapter president, Baruch Goodman.
Set up and operate SSDP recruitment table (5 points) 5 We had an online zoom meeting/recruitment table set up during Occidental's virtual involvement fair. We also set up an online spreadsheet for those interested to leave their information. We will continue to interview and consider roles for each of those who signed up and expressed interest in taking up a committed internal position.
Build/maintain relationships with other orgs (10 points per org. per six months) 10 We have begun planning a mental health / drug use workshop with the Active Minds chapter at Occidental. We plan to have recurring meetings with their members and continue to build and maintain our relationship with them. In the future, our two organizations foresee a lot of future collaboration amongst us through common policy, project, and event goals of ours.
Secure faculty adviser for the first time (15 points) 15 Our new faculty advisor we have secured for this year is Professor of Cognitive Science, Carmel Levitan.
Recruit and train next chapter President (30 points) 30 Baruch Goodman recruited and trained as the President of Occidental's returning SSDP chapter.
Fill out the SSDP Membership Survey (3 Points per response) 15
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