Montana State University

Chapter Building

90 points

Policy Change

50 points

Training and Education

0 points

Points Earned This Year:140

Spent: 0

Rollover from last year: 0

Current balance: 140

Lifetime points: 220

Activity Feed

Action Points Note
Apply for school funding (1 point for every $10 raised) 40 Recieved Mass Funding from the school ($400) for the upcoming school year
Host regular meetings (15 points. per semester) 15 Weekly meetings where we discussed how to establish SSDP in the university's student body
Each new officer recruited and trained (VP, Sec, Treas, etc.) (5 points. per semester) 15 Trained and Recuited a President, VP, and Treasurer
Meet with SSDPers in another chapter (20 points) 20 Established contact with a chapter leader in Missoula, who we are planning on collaborating with
Chapter member elected to student government, or serving on a decision-making body in the community (50 points) 50 A club member was vice president of our student body last year, and helped our campaign to get facial recognition banned on our campus.

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