Buffalo SSDP

Chapter Building

396 points

Policy Change

45 points

Training and Education

0 points

Points Earned This Year:441

Spent: 0

Rollover from last year: 0

Current balance: 441

Lifetime points: 491


Activity Feed

Action Points Note
Submit roster (10 points plus 1 point per five new, valid e-mails) 15 23 new emails
Successfully fundraise (1 point per $10 raised) 179 (The $1798 you raised for Evergreen counts as fundraising because it is an organization supporting harm reduction in your community)
Positive quote/media hit (10 points) 10 Spoken about and written in the UB school news paper
Each new officer recruited and trained (VP, Sec, Treas, etc.) (5 points. per semester) 20 President, Vice President Treasurer & Secretary all nominated and submitted to university. President: Ellie Gilles Vice President: Austin Bennett Treasurer: Jenna Moore Secretary: Anna Seid All undergraduates at UB, because to become a university organizations we needed 10 undergrads
Host community building event (20 points) 20 Organized a fundraiser for harm reduction center at evergreen health, had a table with information about evergreen health harm reduction, and the services they offer, information about SSDP and cards from dance safe as well as other info graphics. We had members for evergreen health, psychedelic society and SSDP students all helping with a raffle. We raised $1798 for evergreen health!
Secure faculty adviser for the first time (15 points) 15 Susan Lisker has indicated to us that she is willing to be a faculty adviser once the school asks us to put one on paper.
Set up and operate SSDP recruitment table (5 points) 5 Made an email list and tried to recruit concert goers to see if they had interest in joining SSDP and letting people know what we do. Most people who signed up were not currently students, but wanted more information.
Volunteer at SSDP or partner event (5 points per person per hour) 15 Had 3 SSDP members including president and vice president (ellie and austin) table and help with raffle during event
Get politician on the record (15 points) 15 Had a politician speak at our event, Kim Smith who is running for state senate in NY state came to our event on 2/21 and spoke about how harm reduction saves lives.
Policy Change Volunteering (5 points per hour per person) 5 Attended meeting with coalition fighting to protect Bail Reform in NY State, members from Partnership for Public Good, Citizen Action, Evergreen Health, CAIC and more
Build/maintain relationships with other orgs (10 points per org. per six months) 100 Maintained and built relationships with, Evergreen Health, Black Love Resists in the Rust, SEIU 1199 (Union), Citizen's Action NY, NY Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement, PUSH Buffalo, Psychedelic Society of Western New York, WNY NORML, VOCAL-NY Buffalo, Release Aging People from Prison,
Meet with decision makers (20 points) 20 Spoke with chief of staff and other staff members from Senator Tim Kennedy about marijuana opportunity reinvestment and expungement or MORE act, in addition to protecting bail reform in NYS. Partnered with activists from Citizen Action and CAIC and RAPP.
Policy Change Volunteering (5 points per hour per person) 5 Sat with other activists with chief of staff and office staff from local state senator's office to discuss policy including the MORE act
Attend leadership or skills-building training (5 points per person per training) 5 Political Training to fight for no medicaid cuts in NY state with SEIU 1199
Host regular meetings (15 points. per semester) 7 Held weekly meetings for November and half of December (not sure if that qualifies, but figured I'd try)
First call/conversation with Global Program Manager or Movement Building Fellows (5 points, new chapters only) 5 Got a phonecall from Rob to discuss SSDP Buffalo

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